9 Ottobre 2006

APOM Conference 2006-Programme

APOM Conference 2006-Programme


19.30  Meeting registration desk opens


14.30 EU Reception and Media Lunch, hosted by ANMAR
16.30 Opening of APOM 2006 meeting
EU lobbying – looking back at 2006 and planning activities for AAA 2007
Welcome presentation, ANMAR
Cesare Petara
Professor Ciocci
Guiliana Farinelli

17.15  Opening of poster exhibition-Drinks reception
Maarten de Wit-Sandra Canadelo    


10.00  Welcome and Introduction
Maarten de Wit-Sandra Canadelo     10.15 Breakout sessions involving groups Activities
Group presentation back to full audience
Sandra Canadelo 

12.00  Presentations by national organisations
Nordic Rheuma Council collaboration project
2 additional presentations from local organisations, eg incorporating HE into campaigning since APOM 2005                                              14.00 Health Economics Sessions Parallel sessions
Introduction to HE
Tips for better campaigning with HE
David McDaid 14.40  HE workshop sessions
David McDaid-Professor Anthony Woolf             16.00 Feedback from HE workshop sessions 
Workshop group representatives 16.20 Barriers in patient: physician communication – presentation
Professor Tony Woolf-Amye Leong (tbc) 17.00 Closing remarks for the day
Sandra Canadelo-Maarten de Wit

            SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2006

09.30  Welcome and overview of previous day
09.40  Introduction of breakout groups/parallel sessions
Amy Leong (tbc)    10.00  Breakout groups/parallel sessions
Building the ideal patient organisation: unification/collaboration
Media: press conference
Physician/patient communication 
Moderator: Amy Leong (tbc)
Nele Caeyers, Belgium (tbc)
Esmé Newton-Dunn (Ruder Finn)
Tony Woolf – Sandra Canadelo   
11.30  Continuing breakout groups/parallel sessions
Best practice sharing: lobbying tools
Media: press conference
Physician/patient communication
Moderator: Amy Leong (tbc)
2 additional speakers selected from submitted abstracts
Esmé Newton-Dunn (Ruder Finn)
Tony Woolf and David Magnusson     
12.30 Closing remarks
Sandra Canadelo-Maarten de Wit        


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